Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Your alternative media guide for this upcoming GE12, as we know all the tv/radios/newspaper will report biased. (need subscription, bahasa Melayu Free

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Parti-Parti Politik :-)

To all the voters, what is the guideline? Maybe if you really concern about your place, so you will vote for the right guy. But, this cant change anything since they only follow order from the party leader. So, you have to vote by party instead of your localisation. What is the party slogan is one thing you should look out or the manifesto.

KeADILan --> Harapan Baru Untuk Malaysia

DAP --> Just Change It

PAS --> Kerajaan Beramanah, Adil dan Bersih

BN --> Habiskan Duit Rakyat!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Maybe this is my first article regarding Malaysian politics. I am no Shakespeare , so forgive my boring sentence. As you all Malaysian can see, the next General Election (GE) is just around corner. Cakap-cakap kedai, most malaysian like me would already guess that the GE will happen somewhere in March. Why?

1) Maybe number one is because, the mainstream medias already played all the propaganda regarding their achivement, promiseses, bla bla bla, which sometime make one nousious.

2) Anwar Ibrahim factor, which he will be released to make comeback in politic officially after being banned until 14th April 2008.

3) the SPR already in full gear.

So, just admit all this and the other promises of all the corridors of development ( i question myself why must have corridor instead of just one nation corridor)

Who should we vote? Yes, we need to vote either BN or the Opposition (DAP,PAS, ADIL, etc) so called the Barisan Alternative. And why we vote for them? For me, I prefer to vote for the opposition. I have some points here:-

1) As for ourself, it is really depends on you. But, somehow, we should remember that we desperately need an eligible auditor to our country, it means , the opposition. Until now, BN enjoy itself with 2/3 majority which the won a landslide victory in the last GE.

2) We need opposition to check and balance. You should realize this. Even, in a small company, we still need someone who are fierce enough to blatant the superior which the employee dare not spoken if they are wrong. They here means the management.

3) Unique? Have you been to Kelantan? It is the only country in Malaysia which the BN is the opposition. Funny that we have never heard the term like that in our media. Always they put the Kerajaan PAS. and not BN Parti Pembangkang.

Alas, it is depends on ourself. You are deciding our future. You vote is count ( not sure lah kalau peti undi bawak lari). Make a change this time. Do not let everything increase. Gula, Minyak, Tol, Susu, bla bla.. Even our 1 sen coints will no longer be used sometime this year. Get the hints.