Thursday, April 30, 2009

HOMEDEC .. an exhibition for the elite.

I just came back from the Home Decoration Exhibition in KL Convention Centre. All the big names are they for the home deco company, including Mr Eric, which I say hi to him spontantenously.

I bougth key set for my main door , Talent Brand for RM200(which i survey later in other door shop which selling higher up to RM700..haha..this is the only good deal) , wall decor from Wall Tailor ( Water Heater w/o pump Ariston ( (RM320) including installation. **will update the brand and picture later.

For me, nothing is cheap, except you will get better idea how to decorate yourself, so, it is not like PC Fair kind of exhibition. I have already spend much time visiting from store to store and asking quotation for my home, still i find the price still high.

One more thing... parking is a problem...I would suggest if you park your car at KLCC...then walk to the convention centre

Furthermore, you dont have that luxury time in each booth to get better idea from the exhibitor..

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Toilet Bowl Installation, Defect?

Status = Repaired (29th April 2009)

I am not sure about my toilet bowl installation, however, it is seem to high for normal person doing the 'transaction'. I have reported to the developer and they will fix it by tomorrow (yer kot).

Beside that, all remaining defect still remain status-quo. I think we need to put big banner saying to the developer about the pending list of defects.

Crack mosaic:-

Hole in the drainer:-

Window panel not painted evenly..

Monday, April 27, 2009

SOP - How to do complaint of your house' defect (for Nusaputra Precint 2 Resident)

1) Kalau belum ambil kunci --> Refer to this website ( )
2) Kalau dah ambil kunci, make sure you do update with the Management Office
- Perform routine visit to your house premise
- Do a checklist / counter check with your defect complaint list
3) If you are not satisfy with the progress, start with black and white, sample of fax you can get from the website to, or email me , so i can forward you my sample. Also, please ensure you CC to the architect, and Taraf Unggul.

4) Beside with the black & white, please take a photo of your defect.
5) Please liase with Jimmy, the person in charge of Effective Construction . He will then deligate duties to Jono (mcm mandor) .

The most effective way to ensure your house is free of defect, is to do close observation with the progress and frequent visit.

Renovation Begin...

Malas nak tulis dah... letak gambar pun dah cukup kot... letih kejar Pak Jono dan Developer utk betulkan defect...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Defect Repair - On the way

Before I proceed, I was pursue by one contractor. He offered me very cheap price for my whole house renovation. The company name is " ASN Kitchen Cabinet & Resources (SA0071307-K)" .

Plaster ceiling whole house + Cabling + Tiling until porch area + Bar counter top + Kitchen Top = RM15K... this is nonsense. At the end, he asked me to sign the quotation of acceptance. But, NOOOO.....
Anyway, I think, this is a scam. That guy name is Anuar, and he is driving Red Iswara Aeroback. He just enter my house without my knowledge, since the security just allowed anyone to enter.
Below are the pictures of my crack wall.. you can see few crack line that cause my tiles to crack. And I think, this wall is slowly sinking.

Ok, back to the defect...this is what we found after they hammered out the tiles...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The defect - they start to repair...however...

Alahai, yang retak-retak tu, cuma di simen jer... confirm lah retak lagi.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Another no...this is house defect

On 12th April, heavy rain downpour cause few trees in Precint 2 went down. I manage to quick check my house and saw few water mark on the wall of my house.

Following some photos:-

I have already complaint this, by sending this photo to the management.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

water heater..
ada murah ker? kedai kat puchong nie..

Monday, April 06, 2009

3 Phase?? or 2 Phase??
Usefull Sites:-
DIY Electrician -
Are you using 2HP aircond on all your room? Are you using downlight, spotlight, torchlight? What is this 3phase anyway? I have never heard before..haha. but, since i have a new 'defect' home :-), more and more information coming including about this 3phase thingy.
3phase are 415Vac supply (generally for industrial use). Typically there are 4 lines for 3 phase (R,Y,B) + N(neutral). For home user, the normal supply is 240Vac, so in order to get this supply from 3phase, u need to tap either 1 of the phase to neutral.
Quotation to change to 3phase ranging from Rm1.5K to 2.4K to upgrade just your DB.
TNB Approval required? Yes.. For the nusaputra house, which we paid RM400 for electrical deposit to TNB do not cover the 3phase. You have to ask contractor to apply for you.
My suggestion is that, we just upgrade our DB box for 3phase-ready and apply later with TNB for 3phase. And monitor for your electric bill, if it reach RM100, then you can start thinking of applying from TNB.
Got this from forum:-
upgrading to 3 phase from single phase would require the following changes as well:
a) Your metering panel. If your original panel is the single phase one, you need to buy a new one. Fibre panel with metal base RM40-60.
b) New cut out fuse + holder 3 sets and 1 neutral link. RM50-80 can settle all.
c) A bigger DB box with 3phase ELCB and MCB/MCCB modules. Depending whether yours is 32A or 40A or 60A or 100A, the total cost would be around RM150-200-250-400 depends on brand.
d) No need to rewire your whole house. Just reassign your circuit wiring to each phase according as to balance the load will do. While you are at it, go buy some extra spare SP MCB module. Local less prominent brand woudl cost less than RM10 ea for 16A and below. Recommended brand is Hager, Clipsal, Moeller but more expensive about 40-60%.
e) Runner fees can save up. Go to kedai TNB take the upgrade form and pay the extra meter deposit. Jot down your NC number and ask for the estimator and meter installer's hp number. Normally TNB will give them to you if you ask them. If not call back again and quote ur NC number and ask the hp number again.
Reference for 3phase study:-
Sample defect in my house


Sunday, April 05, 2009

News from Nusaputran's community website

Nusaputra Precint2 Meeting

Date: Saturday, 11 APRIL 2009
Time: 10:00AM
Venue: along the road of Jln Nusaputra 4/2B
Agenda (extract from nusaputran website):

1.Police entering the compound at any of their convinience time.
2.Only 1 guard at nite.
3.Playground have" jalan tikus" and other people can simply use it.
4.Rubbish collection....shy to mentioned!
5.Defacts...especially the "jalan tar".
6.Monthly fee collection for March & April...for what?

Friday, April 03, 2009

Sample Fax - for defect complaints.
(**email me for full word documents)


To: Taraf Unggul Sdn. Bhd

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Regarding above matter, I would like to know the status of repairing work regarding my complaints for my house defect.
Until now, there is not update on the status and no progress has been made.
Please give priority to fix my kitchen as the crack on the wall has worsen.
Kindly advise.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Grill, grill...gerudi

(updated 3 April , Jumaat)

OK. Rasanya dah finalise kot contractor yg nak appoint utk buat grill. Dengan keseluruhan tingkap sebanyak 17 tingkap dan satu sliding door bersamaan dengan grill L-shape bahagian belakang, dpt quotation bawah RM6K. Ini termasuk awning kecik di bahagian bumbung rumah utk tingkap ke water tank.

Summary of grill price (for my house):-

Wrought Iron = From RM7.5 to RM9K
Metal = From RM5K to RM6.5K

Utk rumah intermediate, boleh dapat serendah RM3K (metal).

Jadinya, jadikan lah panduan utk beli grill dan appoint contractor yg buat grill jer...bukan kontraktor yg buat kitchen kabinet, tapi cakap buat grill jugak...confirm dia dah ambik upah.


Pagi tadi survey harga grill lagi, kali ini pegi Equine Park. Murah jugak dia offer, dlm range RM6K utk wrought iron dan RM4K utk metal biasa. Design mcm yg dah mention dlm posting sebelum ini lah. Tapi dia recommend pattern mcm gambar sebelah ni utk semua bahagian kecuali depan. Bahagian depan still nak grill warna putih melintang (2 inci tebal). Ptg ni baru dpt quotation.

Layout updated version rumah (khas utk buat grill ) siap dgn ukuran tingkap.